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Bull Johnson
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Bull Johnson was a failed man. He failed his son, Billy; he failed his daughter and he failed his wife.
How could he have done it?
His step-daughter, Connie, meant everything to him. How could he have done it?
He let everyone down; his entire church.
Why did they call him Bull?
“He could drink him some Red Bull. On one shift I saw him put down five 10 oz. cans. Just like that. Like nothing.”
Billy said, “That’s not it You don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“I’m telling you; he’s my Dad and he was called Bull before Red Bull even existed'”
Bull always loved and cherished Connie; it was easier when she was younger, before she approached puberty.
He never would have given a thought to having sex with her then. When did that thought enter his mind?

He was not a tall man, 5’6” , compact and strong. He wore a light colored jean jacket, faded blue jeans and work boots .He worked at the shipyard, mostly in Bremerton, lately in Seattle. He had close cropped hair and was clean shaven.
He prided himself on his strength. He could actually bend a 16d nail with one hand. It isn’t easy, he could do it.

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