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Can you see me out there, sister?
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We can finally see now into places so far away in the universe that even the light from them takes 13 million years to get to where we can photograph it. These places, so bright and colorful and dynamic, may have already been dead for just as long and yet, their light still shines.
Are we like that for them? Are we already dead but don’t know it? Is a woman like me on a parallel planet wondering the same thing about me?
Can she see me? Not me in my little house with my little life, little hubby, little dog but me, on these gravity-enslaved planets in the beautiful milky way?
Can you see me out there, sister?
I used to think that “I love you” were the most magical words a person can hear but now I think they are only second best.
The best thing to hear is: I see you
We live in a very big world and around that is an even bigger world and for some reason the spaces in between everything are growing larger and larger with no apparent cause.
That’s why we have to keep trying to see one another, even when we really want to give up. Because somewhere out there a light is still shining for us, and someone may be trying to see.


Gosh , I love this!

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