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Dyer Came Back From the Dead
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It was odd the effect the small girl had him. He looked forward to bringing her food, and trinkets, and imagined how she would react when he set them down on the mat. He imagined her smile, and the way she would move the animals on the floor as if the were alive, one in each hand. If he stepped out of the room, he could even hear her making small noises, not human sounds, but grunts like an animal. He felt no changes when he heard these noises and wondered what the sounds meant. The priests had always said that the blue language was like that an animal and it seemed to be so. But it did not seem to be a spell aimed at him because he felt no change. The only change inside him was a small lifting of the cloud over him since Holt’s death. Slowly he seemed to be coming back from the dead.


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