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Kiran Gaind – The Story Behind The Scar
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The story behind the scar is that it was an emotional one. There was nowhere on her body she could point to – a darkened line or circle on her skin. If only she could point to that one quadrant of her soul that was taken away by him. Or the corner of her overactive mind that could not seem to stop replaying the scene of what happened.

Emotional scars can be the worst because they can remain hidden for so long. It’s up to the person who endured the pain to decide they are ready to show their scars to the light of truth-telling and healing. For many, it’s just easier to hide them away, try to ignore them, cover them with drinking or drugs, or further abuse because it’s part of their miswired comfort zone.

She knew she was ready the day she saw his obituary in the local paper. Age was not kind to him and when she saw his gnarled, scarred face, she thought to her self that Karma could actually be real. She was glad his face in the paper looked nothing like the one that replayed in her mind as she remembered the incident that changed her life forever.

There would always be a pre and post incident in her life. The pre was about flower picking, making up plays with her dolls, and enjoying her grandma’s homemade cookies in the afternoon. The after was about loneliness, fear, panic and hate. For years it seemed she would never trust another soul again.

Her parents were always grateful that she was found before it was too late. He could have killed her, and they were glad he didn’t take it that far. She often wished he had killed her so she didn’t have to live with the emotional scars.


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