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Somehow, it got into my house
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What was this strange thing doing in my house. I mean I had never ever seen anything like it in my entire life. It was a thing if that was what you could call it that drifted in from the realms of fairy tale right out of the pages of Grimms Fairy Tales.

At first I thought or rather hoped that Inwas still asleep dreaming a dream from which I would soon awake. and then everything would be normal again. Well define normal I challenged myself. Since the last full moon things had been getting weirder and weirder.

I realized that I was holding my breath while my insides were tighter than a drum whatever that was supposed to mean. I mean I was scared shitless, freaking out, not believing my eyes when suddenly I heard a loud piercing scream fill my bedroom, rattling the walls and shaking the floors, until the floorboards buckled and twisted like licorice. I watched in disbelief as several pictures Of ancient landscapes and mythic and magical realities that I had collected over the past decade fell to the floor, the glass on each of the frames shattering Into dozens of small pieces. The breaking of the glass drowned out by the Unrelenting screamIng.

Panicked I looked around desperately searching for the source of the ear splitting noise till in my shock and horror I realized it was me who was screaming, the sound decibels higher than any sound I believed I could ever make.

Fuck me I thought that malevolent idiot I befriended out of a misguided senses of compassion and pity must have opened up a portal to the netherworld and who the hell knew or wanted to know what was coming through. if I ever get out of this my my sanity let alone alive I’ll be more careful with the client I agree to work with.

With trembling hands a I searched for the crystal amulet necklace that I wore around my neck since I first incarnated on this planet in this 3 dimensional world many lifetimes ago ,a gift from the Hyperborean race that now inhabited the 7th dimensional of Terra. Let me make this clear now and take you into my confidence, no one else except my own kind could see this sacred magical crystal amulet, one capable of enormous mystical and magical powers that it was sought after, no Not just sought after but hungered after like a ravenous Vampiric beast seeking its kill for its Precious life’s blood.

I let out a long breath whistling through my quivering lips managing to sound the harmonic frequency of
432 hz, that I had learned from my shamanic journeys to the upper world where the nature spirits dwell. Now grasping the ancient amulet, feeling it’s energies of light and love flow into me, Within several seconds, my ungodly screaming diminished in intensity and I fought to add my own voicing and soundings until finally the screaming stopped altogether and the portal into the other world closed sucking the monstrous creature out of the room as it did so making a huge whooshing sound followed by loud boom.

Recovering my senses and sanity I surveyed the devastation of my room hoping andnpraying that no one in the neighborhood had seen or heard the otherworldly attack. It looked like a sonic bomb had just gone off which of course it had. There would be some explaining to do no doubt but their was an Air Force are nearby and I knew I could fall back on the tried and true explanation of a new aircraft breaking the soul s barrier would convince most but not all curious and otherwise noisy witnesses.

Christ almighty that was a close call. Still hold the amulets in both hands and closing my eyes I composed myself until My brain waves entered into a theta state. I then sent a telepathic message letting my friends and fellow warriors in this dimension and beyond comprising Rainbow Warrior tribe that Imwas well but beware the invasion had begun.

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