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I\'m working on a novel set in a dystopic future where the earth has turned to desert, the seas died, the air thinned and the continent divided into two camps, those that live in the domed cities and those who outside. The world is dived between the blue people who live in domed cities, and the Talon, a militia that grew up in the wasteland who are slowily destroying the domed cities and enslaving the blue who live there. The religoius teacher who commanded his followers to kill their enemy befre they speak. My protagonist is a crippled Talon marksman, who, after the execution of his closest friend, find and protects a small blue girl and learns the truth behind all the Talon priests lies. I finshed the fourth draft in March of 2021 and am waiting for some feedback from the editors I\\\\\\\'ve hired to help me. I add the words \\\"the blue girl\\\" to each prompt so it helps me develp that story.