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Writing can be lonely work...
But what if it wasn't?

Imagine if writers (and everyone who wants to tap into their creativity by writing) had an online community. And a daily writing prompt that acted on their writing brains like a shot of caffeine. And a weekly writing partner to read their work and give feedback. And an online magazine to publish the best pieces of their writing each week.
And imagine if it all cost less than a daily latte.

That's Creative Caffeine Daily.

How it Works
  • Writing

    Every evening at 12:01, we’ll send you a prompt designed to help you tap into your creativity. You can choose to receive this prompt by email, or find it when you log into your Creative Caffeine dashboard.

  • Writing

    Each week of your Creative Caffeine Daily membership, you’ll be paired with a new partner. (You’ll get the name of your partner on Sunday, so you can check out their profile on the site before you send your first piece.)

  • Writing
    Giving Feedback

    The Creative Caffeine Daily platform is set up to make giving feedback to your partner easy. You can highlight phrases you particularly liked, and write comments right on the page.

  • Writing
    Receiving Feedback

    We’ll notify you once your partner has reviewed your work. You’ll be able to see what impressed, what resonated, and what your partner would like more of, right on the platform.

  • Writing

    At the end of the week, you’ll choose your favorite piece, and we will publish it in Freshly Brewed, our online magazine, for all the world to see.

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“Creative Caffeine has provided me with the inspiration and discipline to change my voice, develop a short story style and move my novel forward. Something that five years of writing workshops and groups did not achieve. I don't know what the alchemy is but it is working for me.”

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