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This is an inspired site, a touchstone for many of us lonely, doubtful, anxious writers who simply need community to give us the proper nudge! I’m grateful for it.

Mag Dimond

A great idea and discipline. My best short stories have come from random prompts, and this site is a treasure trove. Even if you can’t write each day, just doing this every so often can spark some amazing work

Maureen Simons

This is such a great tool, I’m incorporating it into my daily work and I just recommended it to the students in my screenwriting class.

Nancy Kelly

This is a great way to get your writing going first thing in the morning and keep it going. I’ve written entire full-length plays starting with a prompted free write. It’s a great writing practice and this is an excellent community to join.

Lee Jenkins

Inspiration. Motivation. Comraderie. On the hard days it pulls me up from the bottom of my ocean. On the good days it adds new color to my spectrum

Shanyn Vitti Avila

Creative Caffeine has provided me with the inspiration and discipline to change my voice, develop a short story style and move my novel forward. Something that five years of writing workshops and groups did not achieve. I don’t know what the alchemy is but it is working for me.

John Ash
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