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2023/ A day in this absurd life.
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My friend, Tom James, is in memory care for early onset Alzheimer’s.
Tom and I were school counselors together.
I saw his wife, Carla, when I was singing at the Liberty Shores Care Center. (Old folks home)
She said he is not good and barely recognizes who she is, sometimes.
Tom and I were in a three day training on computers, which would” change our jobs.”
Changing our jobs from being school counselors to being secretaries. I told Tom he would make a damn fine secretary some day.

I spent this morning on the phone with United Airlines, trying to get some tickets from Seattle to Milan, Italy to visit my friend Tom (Tarcisio).
I was speaking with a very nice Philippina lady named Joy. I couldn’t understand a fucking word she said. She was nonetheless very helpful.
At the end of the transaction she asked if I had a mileage plan. I replied that I did not know.
She checked and said , “You do have a plan! Could you answer some security questions.”
I said I would try.
“What was your first car?”
“It would either be Chevrolet or ‘Chevy'”.
“Meester Fox, what is your favorite sport?”
“It would either be basketball or golf.”
“Yes , excellent, you have earned many miles.”

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