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A Brand New Car
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I have always loved beauty, and once upon a time wrote about my attraction to it, since I always seemed to get irretrievably under the spell of beautiful men. A lot of heart ache ensued, as it would do, by loving beautiful men. But if i could attract beautiful men, that proved to me, somehow that I was beautiful myself.
And so I dated and married nothing but beautiful men, and have not regretted a day of all the adventure.

Now, my husband and I went out this past weekend and bought with cash, the equivalent of a beautiful man in the car world: a 2022 Ford Titanium Escape, deep deep blue, almost black, and filled with every bell and whistle you’d want in a car: I can open it from my bed room, I can practically turn it into an operating room for delivery of babies! It is so high tech.

Peter wants to call it The Titan, for its Titanium heritage, whereas I wish to call it MR. Titan, since I respect his lineage so much. We refer to it as “they” since it has the gorgeous attributes of both a man and a woman. Shapely, deeply colored and dramatic in its chrome-trimmed beauty. It is a distinctive car.

And I have yet to learn to drive it, since it is all computerized and I have yet to learn how to actually push all the right buttons, to activate all those bells and whistles. It will be a rather steep learning curve for me since my knowledge and fear of things computerized are in indirect proportion to each other: my knowledge is limited, but my fear is enormous.

But Peter promises he will patiently teach me all I need to know.

And I will drive this gorgeous new hunk of car one day soon, even if Peter has to take me to an empty shopping center parking lot to teach me.

Which brings up the memory of my Daddy teaching me to drive when I was 16 years old.
I failed my first driving test because I screwed up the parallel parking portion of the driving test, and I refused to go to my high school classes until I had my drivers license. So Daddy took me to the Broadview Plaza parking lot and we did not leave until I had totally conquered parallel parking. Before school the next morning, we went to the Atlanta DMV and I passed my driving test with flying colors, and was able to drive my new car to school that very morning. I was nothing if not stubborn and diligent in pursuit of what I wished to have as my own. I wanted to drive to school and so I learned to parallel park with the best of them!

My Daddy was so patient in his teaching of me….and by the way, he was a beautiful man as well, because my Momma loved beautiful men too. She used to be a big Chicago cubbies fan, and told me once her favorite thing to do was sit at the games and watch the pretty young men in tight pants run from base to base. I take after my Momma.

Men in tight pants still intrigue me and I am an old lady of 74. It helps that I am married to a beautiful man twenty five (25) years my junior….and at age fifty, he is still the most beautiful man I know and have known, and I have known quite a few. Peter is my godlike dear sweet and devoted husband, and he is indeed beautiful . Though he is getting a bit long in the tooth for me…should I look fora younger model?

Just joking.
He suits me just fine.

I never thought of myself as beautiful, but as I look back over photos of my younger years, I realize I really was quit a dish! I was beautiful.Tall, sander, shapely, a head full of gorgeous dark brown hair. Many men thought me attractive, so I never lacked for romance, but it has taken me this long, when I am indeed old and ugly (not really) to see how pretty I was when I was young, and I am grateful for this realization now.

I have known what it like to be beautiful.
And soon, I am determined to drive our beautiful new car.
Then I may even feel young again!

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