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A Comedy of Errors
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My journey to Santa Fe, New Mexico for “Her Spirit” started off pretty well, though I was tired and I’m sure I looked it. I thought it was funny that it took security a long time to scan my ukulele and they put it through more than once. My friend Mark said it might have been because there’s a John Lennon sticker on it.

The plane ride from Eugene, Oregon to Denver, Colorado went smoothly, and I was able to doze off through most of the flight. The older guy sitting next to me was cordial and wore his mask. No one had a tantrum about wearing masks on the plane whew!

Then I found out that the gate for the flight to Santa Fe was really close to the one I came out of, score. I saw Jane S and became excited about this next week. She sat behind me on the plane. I had an aisle seat next to an empty window seat, and chose the window seat. The flight was super quick, only about an hour. I got a cup of hot tea but didn’t eat anything because I never eat much when I’m traveling, whether it’s by car or plane or whatever. Good thing too because I was not prepared to feel queasy when all that bumpy turbulence hit ugh. I tried to keep from losing it, if you know what I mean, but ended up throwing up into my mask. Luckily, no more than that. It could have been so much worse. Oh my gosh. I had to throw away my cute flower mask because well, there was no turning back. I stuck my two masks into the cup I was using. Someone gave me deleted and someone else gave me wet clothes. I was so embarrassed that the whole thing even happened. I’m known for getting queasy on windy roads, especially if I’m not driving. But not this. Jane helped me with my ukulele and I started to feel better as soon as we stood outside the plane and I got some fresh air. Then I received a text from a nice lady named Hope who said she was my ride to the Motel 6 I’m staying at just for tonight until the conference begins tomorrow night.

As soon as I was off that plane, I felt better by the minute. Whew! Then I remembered how I got sick big time at the Reno Ukulele Festival and lost it in front of everyone. It was food poisoning of some kind, but of course in a big event, there is always the concern that someone has the flu. Nope, not the flu. But I understand the concern completely.
I rode in the back seat with my ukulele which I never had to part with on the entire trip thank heavens. The car was large and comfy and air from the open window made me feel even better. Ahhh, what a relief to be here. Hope drove downtown to the La Fonda Hotel first to drop another lady off, and I got to see the cool downtown area. She said that La Fonda Hotel was built in the 1600s, and that church at the end of the street looked fabulous. We also drove along a trail next to a river which might have been dried up or might not, the one I had read about the other day. I began to get excited about everything.

Hope dropped me off at the Motel 6, and I waited a few moments to check in. Then I found out from the guy behind the glass (the lobby was closed for some reason) that I was at the wrong Motel 6! There was another one down the road three miles on the same street, and they’re all franchises, so you can’t transfer. I got my room for $60 a night and he said I’d have to pay $129 a night there. That is crazy for a Motel 6! I mean if it was the Ramada or something, sure. Also I use and get great deals through them because I’ve used them a lot over the years, like I found cheap motel rooms in Crescent City for my boyfriend and I and for our neighbors right by the ocean and the redwoods.
So I stood there with my suitcase and ukulele wondering what to do. The guy said there are no taxis in town but just Uber. I had to re-download the Uber app because I hadn’t used it in a long time. Meanwhile, Katie and Deb called to make sure I was okay, as well as Donna. Hope even texted me and said she could come get me but not until later because she had to go back to the airport.

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