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“Hey, Love, Love, come on over here…quick….quick!” moaned Desire with fire on her tongue.

“What? What do ya want?” Love replied, annoyed at being awakened from her nap. Love, a hardworking girl, needed her rest. Love and Beauty Sleep went hand in hand…didn’t Desire know that? Love needed her 12 hours, but, even so, Love shouted agreeably once more:

“Sorry to wake you, Sister, but i need you, and we did promise through Eternity, that we would always be there when we needed each other, right?”

Desire was always bargaining, always calling in chips, I.O.U.’S and forgotten favors . It was an annoying but ineradicable habit of hers. However, Desire was strong and had a way of convincing all the Others that her needs were the most important. At least sometimes. Too many times. And today, Desire was decked out in all her luscious finery, purple lacy flowing robes and insinuating green satin corset, full makeup and smelling sinful. Her red hair shone deep, like a garnet.

“See that guy over there?” Desire purred, pointing with here blood-red fingernail at a Human male in a sunlit meadow below.

Love glanced down, and what she saw was not unpleasant, so she woke up a little.

“Okay, yeah? So? He’ s pretty. Very pretty in fact.,” Love conceded. “I like the way the Sun is glinting of his mane of blonde hair….very nice, very nice.”

“Right!” Desire pounced in return. “And those arms! Long, muscled like a champion, smooth and tanned….i like long arms on a blond man,” Desire chirped. “Oh let’s face it, i like any arms on any man,” Desire admitted.”

“Right,” Love smiled in a sisterly fashion. “What do you need from me? I was having a nice snuggle with Beauty Sleep.”

“I know, I know, and I do apologize, but i am having some trouble, if you can believe it, rousing myself to give this man what he so obviously wants from that girl next to him. She likes his arms too, but there are too many things she despises about him for her to give way to me. She can find nothing to love, or even vaguely like about him, so, I am at a loss! Help!”

Love didn’t much like requests like this, since she believed that her job was to simply let herself BE, FLOW through til Desire is called naturally into action, but more than often, her sister Desire was awake to the possibility of Human interaction far more than her sister Love was…and don’t even allow LUST to enter the conversation, because She always messed things up really bad…so for now, Desire had to call on Love for aid…..if any “love” making had to occur (Desire hated that her fate was so often sealed to Love) then Love would have to help here.

“He’s a monster of meanness, hates Jews, black people, and everything in the world not to do with you, even hates puppies, Sister,….He’s a Trumper for crying’ out loud…so of course, there’s nothing to admire or care for in him…he’s a nasty piece of work….BUT…” , Desire let her sentence drift off, as if the obvious was as obvious to her sister Love as it was to her: Sex , that major urge to create something beautiful out of everything, was flying over and would not be denied. They both could hear her wings flapping.

“So what do we do?….” Desire inquired.
“Okay, Okay…let me breathe and center,” Love said with equanimity. She marshaled her forces and concentrated on the female human below. Into the female’s head, she injected knowledge of the male’s poor childhood, abusive parents, cruel teachers, and Love opened the female’s heart to send in a little Compassion and Understanding. These were light and fortunate Allies, but they always seemed to work.

Both Sisters could feel Sex heating up and planning a landing into the scene below.

The Sisters took pride in their work. Humans needed them so much, didn’t they? Humans neede both of them.

So, everyone found Satisfaction and Love went back to her Beauty Sleep and Desire stayed around to pick up the pieces, licking her fingers in preparation for her next assignment.

She could hardly wait.
Desire always had trouble waiting.

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