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Begging for sleep
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There’s this weird in-between time
My legs thrash
Scissor kicking the interregnum
Those year-long minutes when the sleeping pill is kicking into first gear
The muscles above my left knee tighten
Feet kick off blankets
Fleeting spots of hot
My stomach sinks
Thigh spasms
Again and again
Just before I go to sleep
Gaia, I hate this
The grating sound of snoring
An assailant, a thug
But he doesn’t know that
Nobody hears themselves snore
In the diesel-powered din of the in-between time
Waiting for the meds
Ears stuffed with blue clay
Brain sparking with unnecessary thoughts
The Sandman is busy elsewhere
So I sprinkle my thoughts with sleep
Slog through the in-between time
Insomnia is this
still awake
still awake
still awake

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