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All around me I see a sparkling clean emergency room …I fell and broke my wrist’!
Sorry to say that puts an end to my writing for today
More when I can


I have a broken right ankle and left hand, and this is torture, not being able to write, but I need to put my Creative Caffeine membership on hold. I was emptying the garbage and tripped on on a nuts from a tree fell down and have an ambulance take me to the emergency room. This is an adventure I need to write about but now it’s not the time because I can’t write and dictating is it the same thing is it? Right now I’m just trying to stay ahead of the pain and learning how to live my life on my right side, since I am a total lefty
Many tales to tell here to tell but now it’s not the time or place. I will miss Creative Caffeine but I have to let it go for now. I hope Janice gets this message and put my membership on hold

But now I’ve decided to keep my Creative Caffeine going now that I’ve discovered how to dictate what’s on my mind so for all future readers, please forgive the mistakes the dictation makes

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