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The truth was she was a brute, a beautiful brute. When people met her for the first time, no one suspected her of the meanness they would come to receive. Companies hired her enthusiastically. Yoga friends wanted to be the first to include her in their intimate dinners. The food bank thought they’d won lotto when she volunteered to organize the fundraisers.

But inevitably who she really was seeped out and she had no intention of changing. If anyone dared accuse her of being thoughtless or cruel, she was stunned and angry. Her anger only fed her meanness. A wounded child, a wounded fox, a psychiatrist might offer as a reason. But for those on the receiving end of her biting remarks, a poor childhood wasn’t forgiven. She purposely approached a woman, a major donor who was doing her best to add life to the sad money-raising party and asked the woman who did her face lift. The poor woman, an experienced modern socialite, just smiled and admitted to good genes. And to the man who made her head of strategy for the firm he’d given his best years to she asked why his daughter was so homely.

She did her damage and moved on. She was always the first to bail on these jobs and friendships, because those on the receiving end of her meanness were frozen, stunned and not able to believe they’d been so wrong. She left them doubting themselves because she was a genius at first impressions. And as long as she kept moving and didn’t steal money or murder anyone, she would go on hurting the innocent.


Awesome description of a horrible person. I believe every word of it. Uccch.

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