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Castle Rock
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“Why did you go there?”
Frank was an interesting guy, worldly, his father was the U.S. ambassador to Haiti.

“I mean, I like the idea that you went there, but wasn’t it suicidal?”

Farg responded, “I just wanted to buy some beer and there was no other place open.”

“Yeah, but no white people go to Castle Rock, it’s taboo to go there, don’t you get it?”

“No , I don’t get it , they’re people like us and no one tried to hurt me.”

“Yes they did, the only reason you’re here is that Sue Byrd saved your ass.”

Sue Byrd was the daughter of Nellie Byrd, the cook in their fraternity house. Farg worked in the kitchen and was infatuated with Sue Byrd. She was black, he was white. It was 1965 and just looking at her was taboo.
He liked Sue Byrd and Sue Byrd liked him. She was 16 and coming into her womanhood with curves he didn’t know existed.

When he walked into Castle Rock to buy some beer, she was there and they said hi to each other.
When he left Castle Rock she spoke softly to the three guys who were planning to roll him as he left.
“You niggas leave that white boy be, he my friend.”

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