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Sway, you make me sway.

In the beginning it was just dizziness. You inspired a vertigo and nausea that promised to disrupt my comfortable routines, training me even in those early days who was boss. I learned quickly to adapt and to adjust. Later on, you would have me swoon with expectation, made off balance by the change in my center, an undeniable alteration in my familiar form. No system spared from the imprint of you, heart beating faster, lungs more shallow, hair glowing and brilliant, skin flush with joy and anticipation.

Then you had me swirling, spinning a protective web, circling and checking, held in your orbit by the awareness that part of me was now visible, outside of me. Swinging in my arms, leaning side to side, again and again, willing sleep, calm, rest. The boundless love that still makes me reel to this day, hand to mouth with the surprise of it all, still knocked off my feet by you and the commonplace that recalls the miraculous.

Now, as if on roller skates, gliding along the deck of a careening ship, you still have the ability to unmoor me, challenge all that I understand as truth, rewarding me with your light, your gorgeous smells, your softness and strength. You offer a safe place to land when my feet betray me, unable to sustain the weight or walk the line.

And here we are, shuffling and shifting around each other, hearing the discordant tones of our different music, hope against hope that the melodies will converge again, this time made more rich by the interlude, our steps again harmonized, a new dance with a familiar partner.


I am swaying in delight. Your phrases and images are so emotive.

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