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Complaint Department, please!
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The prompt in today’s Creative Caffeine Daily is “Filing a Complaint.” As one who is 68 years old, from Chicago, and forthright, I’ve done my fair share of what I would call constructive complaining.

To balance my complaints, I’m always looking for those positive times when I can give feedback and compliments, and engage in even a pleasant, ten second exchange.

This was very noticeable when the pandemic shutdown first started in March, 2020. I heard dogs of all sizes barking, I heard kids’ television shows, I heard babies’ and toddlers’ cries. I was in these people’s homes. Instead of the so-called normal echo chamber of customer service departments, I overheard, or more plainly, keenly heard the daily activities taking place in these people’s homes. For the most part, these customer service agents were more than happy to be spending extra, cherished time with their loved ones, be they two- or four-footed. It seemed as though there was more ease in their voices as well as their work. They were happier. I commented positively many times about background or foreground noises, which are normal sounds for human beings’ lives. It was fun. It was positive. It was a nice change from the seemingly harried, hastened, mechanical, automaton customer service I’ve experienced for a long time.

I’m hoping, perhaps unrealistically, that some of the silver linings of all the tragedies we have experienced these last seventeen to eighteen months might be a foreshadowing for better, easier communication amongst us humans, and other living things!

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