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Destination Fragmentation
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When Hieronymus Bosch writes Paradise Lost
and Milton starts drinking with Satan,
you know that the time is no longer benign
and civilization has been shaken.

At the outpost on Mars, in the brothels
and bars, they speak about all that’s mistaken,
and tales are told as whisky is sold
of the Earth’s ultimate destination.

Renata Fritatta, who is your fat Papa,
and where do Monet-lilies grow?
Down the road toward Verdun, where the world’s
un-begun, the truth just gets harder to waken.

In the village of fools, where your grandfather
drools, and the doctors all howl at the sun,
the time to begin has lately begun,
let us see where the murky winds blow.

A shudder, a terror, something really
the matter, wherever you go with
Fat Daddy. Ahead in the dark, a good place
to park, but he says, “no matter, let’s blow.”

Never one to stand still, or to pass up
a thrill, to move heavily on those
who are tender, his needs are so vast
they’ve not been surpassed; he deserves
by his own designation.

So you say, yes, let’s go and not slow, for
I know, there’s a truth only Donald can market.
For the bank is a prank, and life’s just a blank,
we can’t stop or we’ll nevermore flow.

“I must win, I must win, if I don’t
it’s a sin,” cried Donald with an air
of unreason. His head it grew large as he
groaned and intoned about how he’d been

so badly mistreated. His hair flared and flew
and his features just grew, as he mumbled,
and screamed, “I’ve been cheated!”

As twilight came down the sky held a frown,
for an orange haze covered the horizon,
and the scent of hair spray just wouldn’t go way,
though nothing could be seen of the Donald.

From near or from far was heard a guitar,
an old tune called, “he’s gone away.”
A minister rose, held the Bible
in a pose, and cried out, “dear friends,
let us pray.”


Wow, this is fun! So much awesome wordplay. The lines flow really well in this rhyming scheme. This is my favorite line: “the time to begin has lately begun”.

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