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Doctors with Boundaries
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She put on earrings and a bright green jacket to send a message: This woman is a professional! She’s organized, she’s punctual, she’s smart, and she’ll be a great tenant. Martina knew her intent and energy would make an initial impression. Without a smile, hidden by her face mask, all the other elements needed to add up to a positive first meeting. Eye contact and nodding were the new smiling.

“This house is lovely, with all this natural light!” she said as the real estate agent took her through the house.

“It was built in 2016, so everything is new,” the woman told her. “Here is another small office.”

The house had a large front and side window for the living room / dinning room area. The floors were hardwood, although a more grey hardwood than the blonde floors Martina had lived in for ten years. Pale grey walls and white trim created a neutral background.

“Oh this is fantastic,” Martina said as she viewed the small office behind the living room. It was a slice of a room, but included large window. “Perfect for Zoom meetings.”

“Yes, it is set up well.”

After the entire tour Martina asked how to submit an application right away. It would all be online.

“I’ll send it to you after the next people tour the house in five minutes. Nice to meet you.”

Martina nodded vigorously. “It was such a pleasure to meet you and see this lovely house!”

She walked back to her car. There was something amiss, though, she could feel it. At home, she filled out the many forms, scanned documents, and created a solid package and sent it. The next morning, no email, and on into the afternoon. Then an email saying the house had gone to “the other couple.”

She watched an episode of “Call My Agent!” to take away her disappointment. Afterwards, she checked her phone and there was a text: “Call me anytime.”

She called. “The wife of the other couple said she wanted it and had the authority of her husband. They are two Stanford doctors,” the real estate woman explained. “But the husband wanted to see it, and he did, and he didn’t like it. Would you still like to live here?”

Stunned, Martina nodded as she spoke. “Yes, I want to live there. What do you need me to do?”

“I will have the owner send the lease for you to sign,” said the woman.

“I can sign it right away,” Martina said. The woman said she’d send a DocUsign agreement. “I want to live there.” What an evening. What doctors. What a relief.

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