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Dodger Point C
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The night was long with no sleep. The stars were brilliant . The summer triangle was spectacular.
The firmament was far beyond me. I was waiting for a message from God or something on the Astral Plain.
I was stark raving mad.
Going downhill at breakneck speed, I wanted to get out of the woods and back to my crazy life.
I had decided to go with the hare brained plan of continuing this affair and take what might come in the future.
I rounded a switchback into a long straightaway and about fifty yards down the trail was a black bear. Big mama bear had not seen or smelled me yet. When she did, she stood up on hind legs to about seven feet and
bellowed. I was at about thirty yards and stepping slowly backwards, looking for a stick or something I could use as a weapon.
Suddenly the predictable baby bear tumbled down the slope on to the trail and when he saw me, bolted quickly to a tree and up to about thirty feet. Then cutely peered around the tree at me.
My heart was racing as I continued to walk backward to about fifty yards. I stood and stared and after what seemed an eternity, the two disappeared into the brush on the downhill side of the trail.

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