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Dodger Point
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Dodger Point is a place in the Olympic Mountains of Washington State.
When I first was in Washington/ 1975, I said I wanted to go trout fishing in the Olympics.
Ralph Brown said, “You might want to go to the Goldie River Basin. It’s up by the Bailey Range. You go to Dodger Point and then drop down to the Goldie River which is a tributary of the Elwha. It’s a bitch of a hike, you have to go on the Long Ridge Trail about 10 miles with no water.”
I said I thought I could do it and set off.
You go to the Whiskey Bend trailhead and I hike about three miles to the Elwha and camped there.
Humes Ranch was a place I remember, it has been a few years. All I know is that I want someone to take my ashes up to Dodger Point. Someone will do it, I think.

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