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It was embarrassing really, to have your husband leave you for a younger woman. Everyone looking at you with pity. All those long faces and solemn tones, and ridiculous advice about pampering yourself, as if a hot bath and a scented candle was going to make it all okay.

To tell the truth, the most embarrassing part was that it was such a cliche. Couldn’t Roger have shown a little originality? Couldn’t he have left her for a man? Or gone off to become a Buddhist monk? Of course, Roger had never been very original. Or creative. Or smart, for that matter. These were traits she’d assigned him in her imagination, because who in the world wanted to be married to a dull man?

To tell even more truth, Loretta was relieved Roger was gone. Though she would have preferred a heart attack to a younger woman. There wasn’t anything embarrassing about being a widow…unless your husband had that heart attack while he was with a younger woman.


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