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End of Days
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These days, it seems like the end is always near.
California is burning, hurricanes are pairing up
People are dying every day and leaders are lying, both more than usual
No one can agree on laws or science,
will the dictionary be up for debate next?

Every week brings a new calamity.

The people who lived during World War II, during the Civil War
did they feel like their world was ending each day, too?
Did they wonder why it was so hard to agree that another human life mattered?

Why do greed and fear and hatred rule us?
Billionaires who worry only about filling their pockets
cannot be rich if there is no planet to live on,
if there are no people left to buy their products.

How are we supposed to keep going?
Does the universe really bend toward justice
if every generation must take up the fight
once again
to declare
yes, we are people
all of us
and we deserve to be here
just like you?


Good question about bending toward justice.

I like this! Good questions. it’s nice the way you set this up on the page/screen

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