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End of the Year
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We made it through my first year as a school counselor at Fairview Junior High.
It wasn’t easy with a lot of successes and failures.
I made some good friends among the staff and we decided to do an end of the year barbecue and golf outing.
We played a four man scramble at Alderbrook Golf and Yacht Club on Hood Canal.

I was driving down the hill from the course listening to the NBA playoffs. My team, the New York Knicks, were playing. I walked into the bar and on the big screen TV was an automobile on a highway driving. I said, “Put the Knicks game on, what is that?”
“That’s OJ in that car and the police are chasing him.”
Soon the Knicks game was down in the corner and we continued to watch the OJ chase.
“Farg, what do you want to drink?”
“What are you having?”
” I’m having an Alaskan Amber and E. is having a black russian.”
“I’ll have one of each”, I replied.
“Oh boy, here we go” , said Sul.

We drank heavily for a while and watched OJ eventually become apprehended and was led off to jail.

As I was walking by the bar to the bathroom I brushed an old man sitting at the bar. I was three sheets to the wind at this point.
“You better say scuse me” said the man.
“Say scuse me!”
He was now in my face and threatening.
I said’ “Look, I don’t want to fight you,” and gesturing to my friend, Scott Green, said,
“He might.”
As the words left my mouth, Scott decked the old man with a ferocious punch to the jaw.
The old man went down like as ton of bricks.
Scott was out of that place in a flash.

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