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Friday Field
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“Where ya goin.?”
“Fridays”, I replied.
“There’s no other kids there now.” she said.
“I know, I’m goin anyway.”
“Can I come?”
“I guess.”
We ambled towards the end of the street, past the lamp that Teddy broke with a rock just yesterday.
It was a big old concrete post with a huge globe on the top.
Teddy threw a good sized rock at it and it smashed, the top globe settling on to the debris at the bottom.
We ran like hell, I’m not that fast but I was then.
The whole irony of the thing was that Teddy’s Dad was the principal of our junior high school and he called a special assembly to talk about “vandalism” and his own kid was the one who did it, and everybody knew it.

I didn’t like Teddy much, I had just gotten braces on my teeth and I was at their house, I was friends with Dickie, Teddy’s brother. They had just picked Miss America and she had revealed how she wore braces as a kid. Teddy said, “Hey maybe Aaron can be Miss America, he’s got braces.”
He said it right in front of his mother and she laughed. I didn’t say anything.

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