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Going to hell in a hand basket
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Isn’t that how they always put it? You were on your way to hell in a hand basket–whatever the hell a hand basket was. When they said it to her–and they seemed to say it a lot, she liked to ask, Says who? Which frankly, never went over well. But really, what was she supposed to say? Thanks so much for pointing that out? And in the end, who’s business was it anyway?

Sometimes she had no idea what had even prompted the comment. Though, if she were being honest with herself–which she very rarely was–she would admit that most of the time she knew exactly why. The drugs for one thing. Not that she ever used anything stronger than some weed. Maybe a little molly now and again. But it probably wasn’t the type of drug. It was the quantity. Then there was the sex. Not that there was anything wrong with sex, right? It’s perfectly natural, as all those sex education teachers back in high school kept assuring everybody. But again, there was the quantity.

All she needed was the rock and roll. But that wasn’t going to happen. She’d actually send herself to hell in a hand basket before she’d start doing that.


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