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Great Central Lake
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We really did not have far to go before we made camp for the night. We had stopped in the sunny afternoon and washed in the lake and shampooed our hair. We dried in the sun and slept.
When we started out we always hugged the shore for safety. Our canoe was a big long and wide lake canoe.
We came to a big cove and decided to shoot for the other point by going out into deeper water. Then, of course the wind started blowing and churning up the lake.
I was deep in the stern and Judy was perched in the bow. She was paddling strongly and I was scared shitless.
I paddled hard and was afraid to move lest we capsize. I figured the chances were 70% that we would “dump”.
It got darker and a light rain soaked us. Deer Island was close and I was then hopeful. We cruised into the shore and I released my “death grip” on the paddle. I clamored out on to the ground and lay looking up at the sky, thankful.

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