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Kazakovs face was even more pinched and butt hole like than usual. Olivia could feel him trying to control himself and deliver his message in a way that would control her. He was not near persuasive enough to accomplish his goal but she sat quietly and listened.
“There is nothing in that old camp that would have any impact on the cranes and it is dangerous to go there. We are really just worried about your safety.”
“How can it be dangerous when I have those two guards of yours following me with their rifles slung over their shoulders.”
“Things can happen that they cannot protect you from. And to be honest, you often seem to enjoy losing them. You may think this is a game, but I am responsible for your safety and I can’t have you wandering wherever you want.”
“I can’t do my job with a battalion of people following me everywhere. The cranes sense those guns. Your guys may be hunters but shooting something from a thousand yards away is different from getting a net over a cranes head from twenty feet.”
“If you would work with us we could protect you without interfering.”
Olivia just smiled. A part of her enjoyed seeing Kazakovs frustrations. Another part of her was hearing a voice she’d heard from so many men in her life “you need a man – it’s not safe for a woman….” She knew that protection equaled control for most of those men. That their real interest was in making her their vassal. She would never submit.
“Ok, I will let you know whenever I go to that side of the marsh and let your guys stick close.”


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