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Sometimes I think Earth must be really embarrassed. She must not even want to show up at the weekly (figurative term) Galaxy get-togethers. She probably wishes she could enshroud herself in dusty gas rings, as others have done (no shade intended) but, after all, being pretty is more or less Earth’s ‘thing’. She’s the only one of us in the Milky Way with that blue/green thing going on, plus she’s elliptical which is sexy, and also, she’s warm.
Getting warmer all the time.
I used to cringe a bit when she’d text me: “Hi Marcia, How’s the weather up there?” (translation: “– ‘you frigid, ice encrusted Hag’.”
Jupiter said, ‘just ignore her, that’s just Earth,” but that’s what he says about everything.
Lately though, as irritating as she is, I’ve begun to worry about her. For eons she’s been whining about the heat but none of us took her seriously. She’s so young and inexperienced, she’s only had about 2000 ice ages and her tectonic plates are still shifting. And you know teenagers, so dramatic, so self-centered.
I tried to tell her to mind her humans. I never had that problem but some of us could see, even in the faint bacteria, the big mistake with complex multicellular animals. They’re out of control. They grow a few fins or hair and then it’s all about, ‘hey, what are MY children gonna eat?’ and ‘get your own fucking forest’. Humans are no different.
When they finally got it together and landed up here with their insect-modelled little capsules I actually thought they were just more space junk, rocks with motors or something but no, it was humans alright. They took samples of this and that, nothing important really but come on, these are humans. Then they quickly packed back up into their little white cockroach and took the short hop back to Earth where they landed safely in some of all that great water down there.
I was furious. How dare she ship her problems onto the rest of us? We have been doing fine for so long that humans haven’t even invented a word of it, that’s how long. We have stillness, we have silence, we have harmony, we have each other. We have space.
If it wasn’t so stupid and sad, I would reproach Earth with it. Obviously, she should have shut these guys down millenniums ago instead of wasting the dinosaurs who were, frankly, an intergalactic favorite.
But, she is our sister and I hope she outlives these little guys and thrives as she once did, a verdant jungle filled with color and aroma and even beings, large and small, the occasional volcano, the ice ages, the aurorae and rainbows. If she doesn’t I will really miss her, and I won’t be the only one.


Loved loved this!

Whimsical, fun, definitely taking on the big picture, with a bit of cosmic sadness sprinkled in. Thanks!

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