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Hungry for Life
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She had told her last wishes to her husband the day before. She had hugged her daughter, and wondered if she would see her grow up. The possibility of metastatic ovarian cancer had not even occurred to her, but it seemed that her physician was worried enough to ask for a cancer surgeon to stand by for staging. How many moments she had taken for granted? How many of them truly wasted on insignificant arguements and complaints! Instead, she could have held her loved ones close by and enjoyed the variations of the day, the warmth of the sun on her skin, the strength of her body and her love of music.

She hadn’t know that every moment is precious and to be treasured from one moment to another. Here she was ready to be induced into a deep sleep, while others discovered what were the various tumors in her abdomen. She made small talk with the anaesthesiologist and let him put the mask on her face.

Seemingly moments later, she opened her eyes. In her drowsiness, her recovery nurse whispered to her, “it isn’t cancer.” Even, as she felt the pain of the work of the experts on her abdomen, she vowed to treasure every moment going forward. She couldn’t wait to live.

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