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I crave no one/ lemonshine
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I crave no one but I do crave another piece of that lemon poppy seed cake I just had a piece of for a birthday. true, it was a bit dry around the edges, and the icing cracked and pooled in ways I hadn’t intended. but man (woman!), the sharp zingy lemon and the sweet spongy cake is good.

lemons are amazing. bright yellow grenades of sourness. with delicious yellow peels that, when we shave them very small and thin, we call zest. zest! lemons are zesty! too sour to eat alone but brighten up everything they touch. the embodiment of yellow, maybe. the fruit of the sun. the sun in fruit form. or is that mango?

zingy zangy lemon. puckers and piths. eureka! lemon car. lemonade. when life gives you lemons. but lemons are wonderful. I love life’s lemons! take back the lemon.

Pantone’s color of the year is yellow. well, yellow and grey because who knows. Illuminating I think they’re calling it. like a lightbulb but maybe like the sun. shine a light shine a lemon. shine a light on a lemon. sunshine moonshine lemonshine.

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