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I didn’t know, but I might find out
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I knew “nothing” would work. But, that, of course, is a bit of a trick, dear reader, since “nothing” is not nothing. Nothing is, in fact, the biggest something. Though again, that is probably a bit of a trick since “something,” is so vague as to mean, well, almost nothing. Yet, there it is, as in the phrase “Well that’s something,” as if to say: “Well, there’s that.” We are tethered to each other by our mutual understandings of unspoken indefinite pronouns, among so many other indefinite words that we agree to say we understand each other. But do we? Or do we simply agree that there is something in our expressions to each other that we agree not to contradict or qualify. It is often too exhausting, or simply counter productive to do more than just that. That is the reason “nothing” works so well. If we pause, relax, and don’t fill up the mental landscape with so many somethings, we might be able to listen better. And in so doing, allow the expression of our partners in dialogue to find more elaboration, find a more definite shape, flesh out, and be more fully seen. Then, our willingness to stay in the nothing, that is, to be a blank canvas for their brush of expressive exploration, might reveal a something that we then better understand much more fully. And that, dear reader, is not nothing.

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