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I looked for love
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Looking for love in all the wrong places. This has been true for me. What if all the wrong places had been looking for me? Perhaps I had no choice other than to accept what was in front of me. Love of what? A man? A woman? A child? A grandchild? It has always been my job to love what is in front of me. I want to find the place in me that loves. Even those who are not good for me. Perhaps I’ll choose not to live with the one in front of me, or have a child with the one in front of me. Still I love. A child was born that had two more and they were all in front of me, waiting to be loved. I am glad for it. I have lost. Many times, I have lost. Many times have caused grief. Still I stand in front of what appears and will love all over again. I’m now choosing culture and art and food and travel and newness. I am choosing creativity. It is in front of me, yes, but now it is all around me. I choose to love it all.

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