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Years ago I was sharing a house with friends. Lindy and Maica lived a life much different than mine.
They were married at the time. Lindy wanted an open relationship. She felt more fullfilled in her life and marriage with having male and female partners within the marriage. Lindy and Maica had lived this way for many years without much trauma to their marriage. Rules were set, boundries made about what was safe to maintain the relationship. I had met many of these partners whom came over to ” play.” Often times there were parties , all night debauchery. These people were not fringe, some were Psychologists, owned large businesess, Silicon Valley tycoons. However there was increasing use of Drugs, Higher Rollers.
I am the wife of of one of those ” Silicon Valley ” Rollers. Luckily we do not roll that way. I met him in that house where we all lived . He came over on New Years of 2013 with a Big group of Swingers, Burners, and his Co – founder of the company he owned at the time and his Fiance’ ,Elena. I had heard of this guy, Brandon, and Her Elena. Lindy told me she and Maica were ” seeing” them , she was falling in love with the couple.
I had never met Brandon. LIndy and Maica spoke of him often. Maica was now driving a brand new BMW, that Brandon “had around” and loaned to Maica. I heard how close he was to Elon Musk, and he was his IT man.
I heard how well he dressed, and the concerts they went to, the restaraunts, the parties, how well he dressed.
I saw a change in behavior in my friends, I saw it in their eyes. They were in awe. I was worried. I had that feeling, they were hanging on this man’s, or Bro’s, every meme.
It was a freezing night On new Years 2013. I can see people shuffling and stumbling into our house, high and wasted, all in their best. They had been to a party before NY, I chose not to attend. I did not know anyone , except my house mates, and the names Brandon and Elena. I would like to note here that this was the starting point of what would be a 2 year nightmare transpiring between 2 couples, and the Girl Elena who would become my friend. Scott whom is my Husband, came into the house and into my life that night also, but as is his way, he is nobel at heart, refrain from judgement and stay above the fray. He saw the best in people , or maybe underestimated people, “stepping stones along the way.”
Now I knew Brandon had heard of me, I was everything he wanted to be. I came from ” american royalties.”
What came naturally to me , was everything he was striving to be. In the future he would ask me ” Kathryn were you “friends” with your butlers and maids, how did you treat them?” I cringed as usual and dismissed myself from such arrogance, thinking, Who talks that way?
So back to the first Night , or day, We met, His Bolero Hat, was a little too hip ,and scarf asking to be used or worn in a proper way. AS much as he tried to ware fashionable clothes, he came through them, all you saw was a BOYMAN. Dressed to impress, awkward, yet unapologetic, then our eyes met.
I do not question the feeling I get in my gut , my “Knowing”. Maybe I did once. I learned my leasons.
This man’s eyes were that of a predator, whom was trying his hardest to act like a person he thought I might like. He walked toward me and my eyes said Stop. You cannot fool me, or take me in, you cannot hunt me, or
have permission to manipulate my world. You do not impress, You cannot dress. You will never be Royalty.
You are nothing like me. My Sensei once said to me, “sometimes you have to meet a snake with snake energy.” I have honed those skills through my life, and this was a stand off in the Hen house.
Get him out, I told Lindy and Maica. I was firm and unwielding in my descion.

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