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If there were world enough and time….
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I am so tired of the venal criminals who ruin our lives.

And yet, the utter truth is as long as the human animal has existed, there have always been greedy, grasping, needy, heedless breakers of common law, and so, sad as it may be, mankind on the whole has more often proved untrustworthy than not. So, given my deepest nature, I simply cannot put my trust in the humans that populate our world.
I think the last time I trusted without fear was when I resided in my mother’s womb.

Of course, my husband is someone I can honestly trust…..but, as I’m sure you know from your own life, there are those days…right?

So….take away the human element and what’s left? The world itself, though creatures of all species can be sketchy….when hunger prevails, all bets are off! I think that’s safe to say.

So, I could trust the empty world, I suppose,but of course, as eons of sages and the wisest of men have clarified : the only sure thing is change.
So, what hope can there be if that is so?
Constant change must by necessity breed feelings of disorientation, dis-ease, mistrust. So how can we count on a world where all is changing all the time. Constantly.

Learn to ride the waves of change….?… … a cowboy on the back of a bucking bronco….wave your free hand up in the air, hold on to whatever is close at hand, and ride it out…learn to swim the tumultuous sea of human existence, and place your trust in nothing but your own ability to hold on for those rare peaceful times….the times when the sun does come out to shine again, and your seven seconds on the back of the wild beast result in you staying in the saddle. Or leave you sore and breathless in the dust.

In any event, to give up on the notion of trust may be required, as trust connotes relying on some one, something that is immutable……and nothing is.

This gives way to the entire disturbing notion that there may be nothing such as absolute Truth.
As we know, history is decided by the winners, and one era’s winners may be viewed as another era’ s losers….so who is to say?

I know what my gut tells me…my judgement of others’ goodness or evil determines my feelings toward them, but, honestly, in this day and age of mainstream media representing all sorts of divergent truths, varying “ facts”, who is to say what is even real?

Our high-tech world has rendered many miracles, yes…..but it has also produced lots of room for ethical interpretation, judgement of what is true or not, believing or not believing what we see and hear.

We exist in shifting sands.

Trump notwithstanding, is anyone truly all evil? Or all good?
All virtuous ? Or all deception-prone villains?
The seeds of doubt are part of the struggle we all seem to be eternally engaged in, or in the words of Lin Manuel Miranda : “ who lives, who dies, who tells the story.”

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