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I have been broken into twice since I have lived in this home on Indiana St. SE. Both times all of my jewelry was taken. There wasn’t much the second time around even though there had been almost 10 years between burglaries. The first time I lost a lot of sentimental pieces that I have had for many years. The sapphire pendant my parents bought me for graduation, the sapphire ring my mother bought me for Christmas one year to remember her by when she was gone. My wedding rings that I no longer wear but get thinking about using the stones for something else. Heirlooms such as they were. The second time the things were neither as sentimental nor as valuable. But I did have an impressive set of necklaces that I had bought mostly for myself or had been presents from my mother. I loved them and rotated wearing them. I had a lot of silver earrings too.

My mother called me on my phone at work and I didn’t get it right away. I left my cell phone in my bedroom that morning. During a break from Community Day Actities I returned to my office and saw the red blinking light. My mother’s shaky voice on the phone. Can you call me Mike, we had a break in. I called immediately to learn that when she arose that moring she saw the back door splintered and open. Her purse was gone from the living room by her chair and my jewelry case from the bedroom. She slept so soundly she didn’t here them shatter the door frame. When they moved deeper into the house and were about to enter her bedroom they fled. Thank goodness.

But now many years later I have not replaced much of that jewelry. I wear the same silver eaarrings I bought at the Sante Fe Plaza that somehow they missed. I have one mother’s opal heart. The one that her grandmother made for her and Jean her sister from a pair of earings. It is quite stunnig and everyone notices it when I wear it. It is a small peice of her that I cherish. She died two years ago.

I wear it every day and put it in a small ceramic dish with tiny striped cat to guard it on the rim. I don’t sleep in it as I don’t want to move suddenly and have the gold chain snap. If I don’t wear it I often double wrap it in a soft blue chamis case and put it inside a small silk drawstring bag. I secret it in a pouch in my purse and carrry it with me wherever I go. I dont’ want to lose it. Although sometimes I think if theives break in again I will have one less thing to worry about. One less thing to fret about losing.

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