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It Wasn’t.
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Just because someone wrote it down and made it look official and professional like an article out of the Washington Post doesn’t mean it’s legit. Isn’t everyone just pretending these days? You’d think they would realize it takes just as much work to pretend as it does to find the truth of a story. Eventually, people are not going to be so easily fooled by the look of things.

Anyway, there was no affair. Sure, I let him take me out once, let him put me on display at one of those restaurants that begin with ‘Del’ or ‘La’ or ‘Chez,’ at a table where he could glance at himself in a mirror behind me and see others gawking and whispering. I was sorry I’d agreed the minute we sat down.

I can’t remember exactly what we ate. Something pinkish-orange — bisque? salmon? maguro? I can see it roiling around inside his mouth as he talks, smeared across his crooked bottom teeth, a small gobbet on his top lip that he caught with his tongue, like a lizard snatching a fly.


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