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Leave me behind. Please.
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I don’t want to feel guilt for outpacing you. I won at this and I don’t want to rub it in. Really. Just take what I said and go. I’m sorry, I really am, but I mean no harm. I’m done, or probably the life of our friendship is done. I didn’t plan this. I didn’t expect this. But please, just accept the fact that you must go. And go quietly.

Please find someone else to like and love. I’m just one person, just a person. And I didn’t mean to ever be more than that to you. I’m just a someone with a life and that life has now taken a turn. I didn’t mean to end up in films. Believe me, they aren’t big ones. Check that out. I’m not getting an Oscar any time soon. I will probably always have work because they found a niche for me. The sidekick. I can be a partner to any main character. I’ll always be in second place in films and that’s fine.

But I live in Los Feliz now and I won’t be leaving any time soon. When you are second fiddle in films, you can’t afford to live in Tunisia or Italy or even New York. I have to be here, and I like it. Sure, I could visit, but do I want to? I’m sorry, but no. I’m walking away from my past very happily. No hard feelings. Not that I hate that life, or you. Absolutely not. I like you, I appreciate you. We were in love and I believe that if I ever loved someone, I will always in a small way. And so I love you in that way. How could I not? You’re a good person, a creative and funny person. A loyal person. All of that.

And that makes it harder for you to let me go. Be disloyal. Go find another love. You will, you can, because you’re a gem. Someone will pick you up, dust you off, and see your shining light. Believe me on this.

I’m going now. I’m closing the door and leaving. Please do the same. Look around your place and remove anything that reminds you of me. Take me off any list of your favorites. And please, stop following me. Anywhere. Maybe next year we can talk. But let’s give it a year. I need a year to not feel guilty. I need to be free and clear.

It’s on you. Leave me behind. Please.

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