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Libido Revisit Awaiting
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I had been going alone to Charlottesville for 5 Rhythms, Soul Motion and other movement workshops, for almost three years. As a good dancer, with a distinctive way I should say. I very much enjoyed the weekends there and established a level of good will and intimacy with number of women. C’ville is a small city, I was new and I was kind. Desire on the dance floor came in two ways. First, “how did this happen” type. Maybe a touch on the back, an alignment of hips, an unaware stretch–this is when the juices flowed. The other, when I really wanted to be with “this person, this time” and the desire matched that intention. What was common for both–a friendship, a joint appreciation of the movement space, each other, and the community.
Finally, I had a girlfriend to bring to a workshop weekend. Ironic now–it was called “Libido Fundamentals.” Those three days were the most unhinged, most unconnected days on the dance floor ever. Whoa, on me to return to the movement and intimacies of friendships grown over months of contact. Interactions and warm memories, looking for a rekindle; not in the context of our visit. Having this desire just “be”, was way too hard for my partner and I to share.

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