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Moments of hesitation
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The moment of hesitation before jumping off the cliff into the cold deep water below. Before kicking your right foot and rolling ahead on a bike, your first ride in many years. Before clicking “Purchase” on the flight to your first solo trip ever into a new country.

Or the moment of hesitation before saying, “Yes I will marry you.” Before saying “I love you” to your dad before hanging up the phone. Before knowing in your heart that you are ready to have a baby, that right now is really the time.

The moment of hesitation before saying to your boss, “I’ve decided to move on. I’m putting in my two weeks’ notice as of today.” Before hitting “Send” on the email you carefully drafted, introducing yourself to a fellow writer and attaching your latest essay. Before oh-so-casually speaking an invitation for tea to that fascinating party guest.

These are the fears our hearts desire. These are the moments we remember.

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