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Must Shower……Right?
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Yesterday I had the opportunity to hear an amazingly detailed approach to taking a shower. He had displayed the uncanny approach to eating as he starts at one section of his plate and goes strictly circular in consuming each morsel on his plate. Therefore, I didn’t believe I would be surprised when he took 20 minutes to describe his own special and customized process for showering and putting on clothes. Oh, I should share that is will turn 86 years of age within two weeks!

He begins this unique process of showering by getting his clean fresh clothes and places them in front of the toilet. This includes shirt, underwear, trousers (or shorts in warm weather), socks and shoes. Yes, all in on place where he will use the toilet seat to keep him safe from falling. Then he gets his towel and places it over the glass shower door. He subsequently pulls the safety mat off the wall bar in the shower to place on the shower floor. Finally, he takes off his dirty clothes, places then in the dirty laundry hamper and, voila, he is ready to enter the shower. Time consumed by the above steps is at least 20 minutes. I kid you not!

The body cleaning part of each showering and dressing is similar to what each of us does, except the timing. While most all of us love taking a shower, we do it comfortably yet expeditiously since we are cognizant of the need to conserve water. I hope I am correct in this assumption! Not for him! This portion of his cleaning and dressing process takes a whopping 25 minutes! Remember, he is 85 going on 86!

(To be continued tomorrow)

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