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The cabin was deep in the woods in the Catskills. Donna and I drove there through a steady downpour.
Her Uncle Chet and his brother were staying in the cabin for the weekend. A hiatus from New York City. I was recently out of the Navy, Vietnam Era, and also recently out of the Veteran’s Hospital in Albany.
It was a hard time to be a young kid just out of the service in a strange environment in your home country.
No one bought me a drink, Hell, I was lucky not to get egged when I got off the plane in San Francisco.
A guy dressed in Viet Cong “black pajamas” got treated better than a guy in uniform.
We changed into civilian clothes before we got off the plane thanks to a tip from another serviceman.
“Thanks for your service” is what they say to guys now. None of that for us , more like “You’re a baby killer.”
The calm in that rainy cabin was icy martinis, a good steak, peas cooked raw the way I like them.
Donna taking care of these old and young guys who were pretty well lost in the world.

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