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New England Weather
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Watching the snow begin to fall yesterday afternoon following a day of bright sun with the birds in a happy jumble at the feeders . I just got off the phone with a the Quicken representative after marveling at the seasonally warm weather, the sad reality of global warming, the arctic ice caps melting and the plight of the sea walruses and seals.

Well this morning I woke at 5:00 AM for my morning meditation, my mind a whirl with moments of thought about the 6-7 inches on the ground and the necessity of pulling the snow blower out of the shed and going to work on the parking area, the driveway coupled with a path to the wood shed with it stock of seasoned wood for our two wood stoves.

Along with that I was aware that my back was still healing from throwing it out when I moved the cast iron wood stove to clean it and the pipes which were inhibiting it efficient burn coupled with osteoarthritic knees that have been acting up of late. It’s strange to look at my knees in the mirror and what is reflected back are my mother’s lower legs which required two knee replacements in her early seventies, I being nearly a decade beyond that.

The snow removal completed. Now at the kitchen table settling down to toast and eggs over medium looking out the bay window at the apple tree, which is dusted with snow and a bevy of morning doves peaking through the branches.

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