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No, I Don’t
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I hold grudges.
It’s what i do, and even though i know its wrong to do so, i conceive of a dislike or a hatred for someone or something, and it stays with me.

i shall never not hate Donald Trump…i don’t care if they discover he is the Messiah and god himself, i shall never forgive his nastiness and his utterly destructive narcissistic personality.

I do not know what forgiveness means when it comes to donald trump.
I will harbor a hatred for him forever.

And i cannot forgive, ever, the people who have betrayed the people i love.

I could bring up a specific case in point, but i don’t want to even think about him right now, so, no i do not know what forgiveness means.
I am still angry with my father for dying when i was 16 years old.

I am not a forgiving person. and that is that .

I hold grudges and it gives me great pleasure to do so.
it makes me feel powerful to hold grudges. I can control my feelings about a particular hated person if i can hold a grudge against them, and though i have not had many, i have hated and not regretted it.

i cannot wax poetic and sweetly about forgiveness because i cannot forgive Paul for dying, my father for dying, my brother for dying, and on and on goes the list.

I guess i cannot forgive my mother for dying too, since i never got to know her as i wished i could have.

I hate them al for dying.
My mind is roaming and i realize i cannot forgive.

Am i doomed to Hell for not being able to forgive? Do i care?
It feels god to hate.
I am a flawed human in that regard, and i wonder if i will ever be able to forgive all the people who hurt me along the way.

I know what forgiveness means, but i will have none of it, it seems.
I am not a forgiving person.

And thereby hangs many a tale.


Refreshing honesty by this narrator, and a lusciously tantalizing ending! 🙂

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