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Gosh, I do so hope that today’s grilling of Louis deMisery in the halls of Congress are NOT the end of the affair. Of all the scandalous behavior chalked up to the Cult of Personality that currently rules our country, the deliberate sabotage of the U. S. Mail shakes me to my core. Photos of unmarked trucks hauling off those distinctive blue mailboxes from the street corners of neighborhoods all over America are beyond disturbing, they cry out for action.

There are currently six serving “Governors” ruling the Board that rules our United States Post Office. There are supposed to be nine, but leaving essential positions unfilled is a favorite method of pandering to morally bankrupt magnates. The Board members were all appointed by the Mango Mussolini. Every one of the wealthy white men on the Board are tied to the GOP and The Donald. Disgusting how they were appointed to dismantle the organization they are supposed to be safeguarding. Of all the entities I expect to be called upon to save this year, I seriously had no idea the craven greedy sycophants would attack the Post Office.

I mailed postcards (with extra stamps) to all six rubber stamping governors saying “Please put back the sorting machines and mailboxes immediately” – we need to keep the pressure on, these machines need to be put back in service. I heard that “public outcry” resulted in a temporary stoppage of the unlawful (in so many ways) removal of functioning and essential machines, but stopping their heinous removal is not enough. There are people I actually know, who when seeing my plea to “Save the Post Office”, ask “why exactly?”. And they really don’t want to know.

Sometimes, the thing I mourn the most is naïveté. I’ve seen the evil that people do, and in each generation the haters find a leader, the forces that de-humanize “other” for political gain, for power, for position, you know, pitting the have nots against the have less’s, elevating to high positions men who blame anyone but themselves.


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