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I was in the bowels of Dundee, Scotland. I was on the train returning to the U.S. from Scotland, after being there for 19 months. It was an altogether wonderful and interesting experience. I was in the U.S. Navy listening to Russian submarines . We were at a small communications station in Edzell, Scotland, about a hundred miles north of Edinburgh.
Pam was a nursing student at the Dundee Royal Infirmary. She lived in a dormitory on the hospital grounds.
We would go out on the town or do whatever we were doing as we fell in love. In the early morning hours we would stop at a bakery and pick up fresh rolls and then we would go to the dormitory and make quiet love so as not to wake any of the other nurses.
I would leave about 7:00 AM as the hospital was beginning to wake up and I had to walk by the nurse on duty.
She would give me a knowing look and wave me on my way.
We had of course spoken about me leaving. I was headed for Guam in the south Pacific. Only about 8,000 miles away. I had no idea what to expect there.
I had boarded the train in Montrose, Dundee was about thirty miles south. We stopped in Dundee and I left the train and walked aimlessly around the station looking for some sign. Finding none, I boarded the train and continued on my journey.

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