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Pender 24 II
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We wanted to get away, we needed to get away.
My ex-wife and mother of my daughter, a criminal defense lawyer, was embroiled in the usual defense of “low life” criminals. I was caring for our daughter during the summer and doing the requisite home maintenance. I was an English teacher and I dreaded the return to much bullshit in the fall, which was rapidly approaching.
Due to my wife’s schedule we could not make plans. We were looking at Pender Island, one of the Canadian Gulf Islands, north of Washington’s San Juan Islands.
We found a motel on Browning Harbor on Pender and booked it for three nights. This was an entry port into Canada with an active customs house. In the summer many pleasure boaters came through here.
The place had a restaurant and a pool and was quite comfortable but a little too active for us. I actually ran into people I knew at the pool on this remote island.
Our room was on the third floor with a balcony. I took a shower and was drying off when I stepped on to the balcony and looked to my right and saw about twenty five people dining and staring at me naked on the balcony.

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