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Perfection is in the eye……
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My dog Charlie is perfect.
He is the perfect breed…a Tibetan Terrier. I have long aspired to a more Buddhist lifestyle…a way of non-judgmental being that’s easy to imagine and incredibly hard to live. So having a Tibetan Terrier, a dog historically bred to guard the Tibetan llamas as they meditate is….well it’s perfect.
Charlie is the perfect color…..a pale gold with touches of cream….sunlit one might say..or reminiscent of a perfectly brewed latte.

He is the perfect size……….small enough so that when he throws one of his doggy temper tantrums…the equivalent of a toddler throwing himself on the ground screaming and crying because he “just doesn’t like Doodles” I can easily pick him up….Yet not so small the I may step on him and squash him when I make one of nightly half-blind trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night and trip over him.

Charlie is perfectly behaved…except in instances when he is not…… Already mentioned is his aversion to Doodles….To that list we might add windy days, collies, especially the collie that barks at him from the upper floor of an old Victorian on Elizabeth Street, cats, especially a cat named Chai who has the audacity to live next door in HIS neighborhood, rain especially when his owner expects him to walk in it, being alone, dinner later than precisely 6pm, an owner who tries to feed him dog food without a perfectly scrambled egg on top, and so-called “treats” called milk bones…not his usual preferred delicacy of smoked salmon skins. Any of the aforementioned may result in a perfect temper tantrum instead of perfect behavior….Charlie, depending on his frame of mind, may either do a perfect depiction of a rabid, growling, frothing, ferocious dog or he may choose to perfectly pout, tucking nose to stomach, avoiding any eye contact and sighing deeply as he mentally projects ancient Tibetan curses at the responsible party.
Charlie has perfect eyesight. Except his left eye which is perfectly blind.
So as you can see I am the proud owner of a perfect dog….and I wouldn’t trade him for the world!!!



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