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Planning my Escape
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On January 12, 2024, I had major foot surgery. Posterior tibial tendinitis, heel spurs, some other weird thing, and bunion. Oh and broken down arches due to posterior tibial tendinitis. Oh my God! I had no idea stuff was wrong with my feet until I turned 65 years old. I had the right foot done in December 2022, and once it healed, wow! It felt like a completely different foot in a good way. I knew that having the left foot done was inevitable. But the six weeks without putting any weight on my foot is so difficult at times. Maybe a little easier on a cool knee scooter though.

Maybe not.

Look! The sun came out to play today. I feel like such a voyeur sometimes because I open the curtains and look out the window every day. Just waiting for my time to go out and play. Last week when the streets were all icy, as well as the sidewalks and the trails, I was looking out the same window, and I saw an older man holding on to the leash of his cute little doggy, and he glided along the ice while the dog pulled him. I kid you not. I wish I had gotten a video of it, but I didn’t, however, the vision of this guy on the ice with his little dog remains in my head. It makes me laugh a little every time I think about it.

It turns out that guy lives right across the street and he is blind or almost blind. the stick he was holding while gliding along on the ice is for blind people. I noticed that whenever he goes out with the dog, one of his grown kids, I think, walks with him to make sure he’s OK.

They even wave at me because I’m usually in the window like a little old lady who watches all the kids play.

That day he was on the ice. I swear he had no one with him except his doggy. My theory is that he escaped, and just decided to do it when no one else was around to stop him.

That made me think. Savoy is out, dealing with tree branches and stuff. Maybe I could do the same thing for just a little while on my knee scooter! The only problem is the three little steps. How do I get myself and my knee scooter down those three little steps? I can get out on the big porch no problem. The guy across the street has a ramp that has been built for him so he doesn’t have to go down or up any stairs. I wish there was a ramp here too.

But there’s gotta be a way I can do it. It’s such a nice day today. I’ve been indoors way too long. OK, here I go to plan my escape. It’s just for a little while I promise.

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